EcoFreedom Mobile Auto Detailing – Services

EcoFreedom mobile detailers produce great results that customers rave over. The mobile waterless auto detail service is a high performance, eco-friendly alternative in auto detailing. The spray-on wash-wax solutions are non-toxic and water based, including: A waterless formula that is perfect for cleaning, polishing and protecting both new and older vehicle finishes; a tire shine water based formula that sprays on and stays on; an eco-friendly All Purpose Interior Cleaner which cleans virtually everything. Overall, your properly cleaned and maintained auto will be more comfortable, appealing and gratifying to operate. Service duration is three to five hours depending on vehicle size and condition.

Full Auto Detailing Services – Standard Pricing*

✓ $230 – Full Sedan Detailing

✓ $250 – Full SUV Detailing

✓ $270 – Full Size SUV/Truck/Van Detailing

The Service consists of: Vehicle exterior wash and wax finish that includes bug-tar removal, clean and shined windows, mirrors, tires, and rims. Interior spaces in the car are cleaned & treated – in those hard to reach spaces – and all mirrors, glass, dash, plastics, cloth/leather upholstery, vinyl & trunk.
*An Extreme Detailing option is available for an additional $30 for any of the 3 vehicle sizes. Please allow detailer to give a genuine assessment for this option. It includes: Removal of dense or substantial dirt, stain and grime, pet hair, as well as door-to-door carpet cleaning, and upholstery/leather deep-clean and treatment. Expect appointment availability to be around 10 days from the immediate date. An SUV with third row seating area is XL (Full) size. Service area includes Montgomery County MD only.

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